Telemedicine at SPARCC

Telemed FAQ

What is telemedicine?

Telemed is way to communicate with our providers, even when you are in different locations.

When is it appropriate to have a telemed appointment with my provider?

SPARCC is offering telemed appointments to patients who would like to stay at home during the COVID-19 emergency. If you are interested in a telemed appointment, please call our office to schedule.

What can I talk to my provider about during my telemed appointment?

Providers can check in on symptoms, give counseling and education, review rehab, send links for remote testing and ICAPs, medication review and write prescriptions, imaging review and orders, and referrals for therapy and other providers.

Providers can share their screen with the patient in order to review any imaging or testing with the patient.

How can I prepare for my telemed appointment?

SPARCC is using the free communication app Zoom that can be downloaded to your computer or cell phone. You will need a device with access to a camera and microphone. To set up an account, you will need an email address. If you already have a Zoom account attached to an email besides the one we have for your Elation Passport, please let us know. All of our Zoom meetings are password protected and secure.

You will also be asked to fill out our SCAT prior to your appointment. This helps our providers know what symptoms to focus on during the appointment.

What happens at the time of my appointment?

You will receive an email from us asking you to join a Zoom meeting. Click the link and your appointment will begin. A member of the SPARCC staff will check in with symptoms before the provider comes into the appointment.

What happens after my appointment?

Our providers may want to see an update on your cognitive testing. If so, a member of our staff will help you get set up. You will receive an email for our testing platforms either Impact or CBS (Cambridge Brain Science). Follow the directions to take the test. We will be notified once your test has been completed. You may need to schedule for a follow up. A telemed or in person follow up will be directed by your provider.

What are the charges for my telemed appointment?

You will be charged for your telemed appointment just like any other. However, billing will not be due at the time of your appointment. Our office will contact you with any billing information after your appointment.

Updated 4/27/20