Leading Sports Medicine Clinical Research

Dr. Mortazavi has been part of three different academic institutions where he has part taken in academics and research in the field of sports medicine, Traumatic Brain Injury, and exercise medicine.  He continues to have strong research collaborations with all his former institutions and is an investigator in multiple ongoing research studies. His areas of interest include concussion research, injury prevention, exercise medicine, and cardiac screening in athletes.

Dr. Minor‘s areas of interest include identifying and correcting the running gait to treat and prevent running injuries along with concussion research.

Leslie‘s areas of interest include concussion care, musculoskeletal injury prevention and treatment, and health issues affecting female athletes.

Recent Research & Papers We Reference

Active Rehab for PCS by University at Buffalo, SUNY

Concussion Guidelines for Teachers by CDC

Concussion in Sport by 5th International Conference on Concussion in Sport

Concussion in Sport by 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport

Early Active Rehab for Concussion by Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, SUNY at Buffalo

Headsmart Understanding Concussions Guide by South Shore Hospital

Pediatric Concussion: What You Need To Know by CDC

Rest and Return to Activity After Sport-Related Concussion by A.T. Still University

Returning to School after TBI for School Professionals by CDC

SCAT5 Sports Assessment Tool by BMJ

School Accommodations after Concussion from the Journal of Athletic Training

Sideline Emergencies by R. Warne Fitch, MD et al.

Sport-Related Concussion in Children and Adolescents by Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness

Current Research

SPARCC Research Presented at the 2019 AMSSM Annual Meeting


Read abstracts from the 2019 AMSSM Annual Meeting

Harris Ahmed MPH1, Morgan Long1, Samuel Richardson1, Mohammed Mortazavi MD. Ophthalmic Pathology in a 16 year old Hispanic Male Concussion Patient (Oral Presentation).

Tyler Marx2, Mohammed Mortazavi MD, Jon Minor MD, Hirsch Handmaker MD3. Near Point of Convergence as a Clinical Predictor for Exercise Tolerance (Poster Presentation).

Julia Howard MHS4, Nitin Prabhakar MD5, Dan Hekmatian2, Jon Minor MD, Mohammed Mortazavi MD. Near Point Convergence and King Devick Test: Predictors of Prolonged Concussive Syndrome? (Poster Presentation)

Katelyn Paulsen2, Mohammed Mortazavi MD, Hirsch Handmaker MD3. Near Point Convergence Predicting Return to Learn (Poster Presentation).

Manpreet Sahnan BS2, Nitin Prabhakar MD5, Jon Minor MD, Mohammed Mortazavi MD. The Relationship Between Academic and Exercise Tolerance in Pediatric Concussion Cases (Poster Presentation).

1. Medical Student at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University
2. Clinical and Research Intern at SPARCC
3. CACTIS Foundation
4. Clinical Researcher at SPARCC and Medical Student at Midwestern University of Arizona
5. Clinical Researcher at SPARCC and Resident at THMEP

SPARCC Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Concussion Center in conjunction with the University of Arizona

Mortazavi, Oleskey, et al. Active Rehabilitation Protocol in Treatment of Adolescents with Post Concussive Syndrome, a Clinical Trial.

Mowrey, Mortazavi, etal.  Neuropsychiatric Assessment of Adolescents with Post-Concussion Syndrome Before and After the Implementation of a Novel Active Rehabilitation Protocol.

SPARCC to Present at the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association Conference September 19th-22nd in Scottsdale Arizona.

Read abstracts from the 2019 NORA Conference

Katelyn Paulsen, BFA01; Mo Mortazavi, MD02; Daniel Hekmatian, BS01; Hector Rierio, PhD03; Hirsch Handmaker, MD04 Near Point Convergence as a Clinical Predictor of Cognitive Tolerance after a Concussion Injury

Tyler Marx BS1,2, 2Mo Mortazavi MD, 1,2Daniel Hekmatian BS, 2Jon Minor MD, 3Hirsch Handmaker MD Near Point Convergence as a Clinical Predictor for Exercise Tolerance and Progression Through the 5 Step Active Rehab Protocol

Nasser Koucheki, Prem Thirunagari, Hector Rieiro Ph.D, Tyler Marx, Jon Minor M.D., Tanya Polec O.D., Mo Mortazavi M.D. Microsaccades- The relationship with vestibular dysfunction and prolonged symptoms after concussion

Daniel Hekmatian BS01, Tyler Marx BS01, Julia Howard MS02, Hector Rieiro PhD03, Tanya Polec OD04, Jon Minor MD04, Mo Mortazavi MD04 Pupillometry Measures as a Predictor of Patients that Experience Prolonged Post Concussive Symptoms after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Daniel Hekmatian BS01, Tyler Marx BS01, Julia Howard MS02, Hector Rieiro PhD03, Tanya Polec OD04, Jonathan Minor MD04, Mo Mortazavi MD04 Plateaued Vision Markers: Predicting Prolonged Post Concussive Symptoms Using Near Point Convergence and King Devick Testing

Research in the Community

Smith, Mortazavi, et al. Functional movement screens, gait patterns, and NM control in those recovering from Post Concussive Syndrome

Oakley, Mortazavi, Minor, et al. Quantitation and Qualitative Electroencephalograms (QEEG) testing and the Detection of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Mortazavi, Minor, et al. Exercise tolerance correlation with cognitive tolerance and return to learn stage

Minor, Mortazavi, et al. Correlation of exercise tolerance and vestibular ocular motor symptoms

Mortazavi, Minor, et al. Heart Rate Variability trends and Concussion symptom scores during recovery

Polec, Minor, Mortazavi, et al. Evaluation of an eye tracking protocol testing for oculomotor deficits seen after concussion and post concussion syndrome.

Mortazavi, Minor, et al. Pupillary contraction volumes, speeds, and symmetry in concussed patients

Minor, Mortazavi, et al. Correlation of King Devick and Near Point Convergence with Neurocognitive Impact testing processing speed and reaction time scores in concussed patients

Mortazavi, Smith et al. Functional rehab role in those with Post Concussive Syndrome

Mortazavi, Miller et al. The role of goal oriented concussion action plan in the setting of Post Concussive Syndrome

Klien, Mortazavi, et al. Early VOM and exertional intervention in acute concussion

Mortazavi, et al.  Dysautonomia and exercises intolerance in Post Concussive Syndrome

Academic Memberships where SPARCC continues to engage in Research, Academics, and Medical Education

American Medical Society of Sports Medicine (AMSSM)

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

American Medical Society (AMA)

Pima County Medical Society (PCMS)

Arizona Academy of Pediatrics (AzAAP)

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona (BIAAZ)

Past Research

University of Denver Colorado/Children’s Hospital Colorado

Mortazavi. Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes. Advances in Pediatrics. December 2012. Volume 60.

Mortazavi, Provance et al. The Prevalence and Patterns of Athlete’s Heart in Adolescent Athletes: a Review of ECG’s . 11/2011 (abstract accepted CJSM, AMSSM Podium presentation)

Mortazavi, Provance et al. Evaluating the accuracy of ECG screening in young athletes by primary care providers. (Study in progress) 

Mortazavi, Provance et al. Cost effectiveness of ECG Screening Program in High School Athletes. (Study in Progress)

Hoang, Mortazavi. Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes. Advances in Pediatrics. December 2011. Volume 60.

Hoang, Mortazavi. General Radiology Imaging and Laboratory Testing- What to Order and When. Pediatric Sports Medicine-Essentials for Office Evaluation. April 2012.

University of California, Davis

Mortazavi, Styne, et al. Competitive Sport Participation and Treatment Outcomes in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. (currently submitted for publication) 

Mortazavi, Cassaza, et al. Single Leg training and Injury Prevention in Football Players. (data currently in analysis)