Concussion Friendly Activities

Concussion Friendly Activities

With the cancellation of concerts, events and the closing of schools and workplaces, public health experts, including the CDC, are advising individuals to socially distance and self-isolate. Many individuals and families are now left to figure out how to find entertainment as we work to “flatten the curve.”

Being stuck at home does not mean that you have to be bored!

SPARCC has compiled a list of suggestions for concussion patients of all ages to make your time as interesting and productive as possible. These activities focus on cognition, specifically strengthening concentration, reasoning, short-term memory, and verbal skills.

Listening to stories helps with concentration. Here are some ideas.

While Schools are closed, here are a few websites offering free audio books for kids

Family Friendly Podcasts

Podcasts for Teens and Young Adults

Some SPARCC favorites

Activities to work on reasoning

When using apps on your phone, make sure to limit your screentime

Other at home reasoning skills

Exercise Outside! Remember to exercise below your symptom threshold and drink plenty of water.

Workout Classes (As per your active rehab step)

Different ways to practice short term memory

  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Memorize a grocery list in order or a new song
  • Learn a new tiktok dance
  • Play “I am going on a picnic” as a family

Visit Online Museums and Parks

  • Reid Park Zoo has a baby elephant due any day now! Click here to check in with the animals at the zoo
  • Explore Smithsonian Museums

There are so many ways to work on verbal and communication skills while stuck at home.

  • Solve Anagrams
  • Create a trivia game to play with your friends over zoom
  • Read a new book
  • Challenge your friends and family to an online game night