Premier Center for Sports Medicine Learners of All Disciplines

At SPARCC Sports Medicine we accommodate learners in all disciplines of medicine. We have worked with students interested in medicine, researchers, nurses, medical assistants, and residents. Our goal is to become the premiere pediatric sports medicine academic center in Tucson. We have elective and internship openings for multiple specialties including sports medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, emergency medicine, and physician assistant, and physical therapy among others.

Academic Affiliations:

  • AT Still School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine – New Mexico
  • Midwestern University – Osteopathic Medicine
  • Midwestern University – Physician Assistant
  • Northern Arizona University – Physician Assistant
  • The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education – Family Medicine
  • Tucson Hospitals Medical Education Program
  • University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson
  • University of Arizona Internships

If you are interested in doing an elective rotation, observership, or clinical research with our clinic, please contact Dr. Mo ( and Dr. Minor (

How to Get Involved

SPARCC has positions for everyone from undergraduate college students through residents. Select an option below to learn more about how you can get involved.

Undergrad internships

At SPARCC, we do not have shadowing experiences because we feel that hands-on experience in the clinic is more important. Our internship positions offer the opportunity to work directly with the doctor, patients, and staff to get an idea of what it’s like to work in a medical office. Undergraduate students interested in interning must commit to a full 4-month period (e.g., May 1-August 31). We offer two types of internships, both include patient interaction.

Clinical Internship

Clinical interns work in a sports medicine clinic and work directly with patients to facilitate active rehab, balance testing, and vision testing. Clinical interns work primarily with concussion patients.

Research Internship

Research interns will complete a clinical research internship that culminates in a poster or abstract. Research interns will also participate in one half-day clinic in person per month. To become a research intern, you must first complete one semester of the clinical internship.

Read more about the internships and learn how to apply.


*SPARCC is no longer offering High School internships or shadowing positions. If you are interested in shadowing for one day or completing your senior project with SPARCC, please contact Eva ( to determine whether there is any availability.

Rotations & Electives

SPARCC is affiliated with several schools around Arizona and New Mexico. We offer rotations in pediatric sports medicine, sports medicine ultrasound, and clinical research.

If SPARCC already participates in your program’s rotations, simply contact your placement coordinator and they will let us know you’re interested. If you’re not sure, you can always email Eva ( and she can help you.

Otherwise, please have the program manager or placement coordinator email Eva ( so the rotation/elective can be arranged. Please note, 4-week rotations are highly recommended to allow maximum exposure and learning time.

Sports Ultrasound Rotation

Our Sports Ultrasound Rotation gives learners a first-hand look at ultrasound exams and procedures for those with sports injuries.

This rotation can currently accommodate one learner at a time and is suitable for 4th year medical students and residents. It is also an option for 3rd year students, but 4th year students and residents are given priority.

Clinical Research Rotation

Please note: We require all medical student and resident researchers to complete a 4-week clinical rotation with SPARCC prior to pursuing research with us.

The Clinical Research Rotation is suitable for medical students at any part of their education. The hours are flexible for this type of rotation and requires a minimum commitment of one quarter (e.g., January-March). It is not necessary for medical students to go through their school for this type of rotation. Medical students on a Clinical Research Rotation also oversee the undergrad research interns.

Dr. Mo’s current research interests include traumatic brain injury, injury prevention, and prevention of sudden cardiac death in athletes. Dr. Jon is currently interested in gait analysis in runners to prevent injury.

If you’re interested in Clinical Research with SPARCC, please email your CV and availability to Dr. Minor at

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