Meet the Team

Mo Mortazavi MD

Mo Mortazavi, MD

Medical Director, Concussion Program Coordinator

A dual board-certified pediatric sports medicine physician, Dr. Mortazavi developed the first dedicated pediatric sports medicine program in Tucson. Dr. Mo specializes in complex concussion care for all ages.

Fellowship: University of Colorado & Children’s Hospital Colorado
Residency: UC Davis
Medical School: UC Davis

Other Responsibilities:

  • Creating a game changing clinical concussion model while conducting leading research while teaching students while doing amazing community outreach while holding medical directorships at schools while texting
  • Brainstorming new project ideas to keep SPARCC on the cutting edge and responding with long phone silences when Andy mentions ideas that don’t interest him
  • Discovering Not-having-time-to-eat-lunch-as-a-weight-loss-program unintentionally
Jon Minor MD

Jonathan Minor, MD

Co-Medical Director, Sports Ultrasound Program Coordinator

Pediatric non-operative sports medicine physician trained in not only pediatrics, but also “medical” sports medicine. Dr. Jon specializes in running and dance medicine.

Fellowship: Boston Children’s Hospital & Harvard University
Residency: Texas A&M University
Medical School: Texas A & M University

Other Responsibilities:

  • Participating in the wizardry of creating personalized Elixirs of Life despite not having graduated from Hogwarts
  • Being the director of dad jokes
  • Being amazing with all patients as evidenced by his pace of 5 star reviews
  • Schooling the rest of us in public speaking with how good his public talks are
Leslie Streeter, FNP-C

Leslie Streeter, NP

Nurse Practicioner

Board-certified nurse practitioner interested in prevention and treatment of concussions and musculoskeletal injuries as well as health issues affecting female athletes

Nursing School: University of Arizona

Other Responsibilities:

  • Being one of those people that is so nice and high caliber and outstanding in every way that it makes us all better
  • Showing people what hard work really means by staying past dark every day to attend to her patients charts
  • Being willing to do anything asked of her, including teaching us about mountain bikes

Gaige Braden, ATC/L

Athletic Trainer Navigator
Gaige is an incredibly gifted Certified Athletic Trainer who received his Masters of Athletic Training from NAU.
Gaige does therapy seassions with most SPARCC patients.


Executive Director


  • The business side
  • Trying to define what the business side means for a patient-first clinic
  • Trying to figure out how to make SPARCC a fun place to be a part of
  • Trying to wrap his head around how icky a 3-party market (patient, payer, provider) trying to achieve mutual trust can be and looking for improvements
  • Not actually doing any of the first 4 bullets because his full time job is continually starting blue-sky projects take up all his time
  • Asking Dr Mo to add the above bullet to his list so he doesn’t look bad
  • Opening 4 chrome windows with 47 tabs each, approaching that stressful zone where you can no longer see the icons on the tabs
  • Pacing around in his sweats questioning himself
  • Occasionally emerging from the depths of his software writing cave to write these responsibilities lists at a 4th grade skill level
  • Trying for 62 minutes to format this page because WordPress hates happiness


Operations Manager

Michala began her healthcare career in Yuma, Arizona where she worked closely with all levels
of clinical and administrative staff, helping to improve and manage processes and
communication. As her passion for healthcare grew, she decided to continue her education.
She attended Grand Canyon University, where she received her master’s in healthcare

Out of the office, she is committed to continuing her education and volunteering. In addition,
she is currently learning Italian and is starting to pursue Spanish. She is always looking to
practice her language skills over coffee or drinks. Her other hobbies include, hiking, camping,
traveling, and working with animals.

Michala continues to advance in her chosen field which is why she is excited to work for
SPARCC and is eager to learn about sports medicine. Being new to the area, she looks forward
to being part of the Tucson community!


Clinic Manager, Medical Assistant


  • Keeping Dr Mo organized
  • Making clinic great again
  • Keeping patients flowing
  • Managing orders, data inputs and other time consuming things
  • Driving records management
  • Buying lots and lots and lots of supplies to keep SPARCC operating


Front Office Manager


  • The art of calm
  • The art of explaining to that its actually Part 2, section 213D, paragraph 4, context A that is the relevant section of an insurance policy that explains the d̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶o̶r̶y̶ malarkey of how it all works
  • Having more years experience in running clinics than Andy does experience in post-adolescence
  • The art of tea
  • Being an immensely valuable subject matter expert and teammate every day


Billing and Accounts


  • Saving SPARCC from financial chaos and despair
  • Memorizing insurance companies’ phone hold music playlist during the times (its every time) they are ‘experiencing a higher than normal call volume” and noting that her call is important to them and it will be answered in the order in which it was received
  • Mastering meditation and not slamming head against keyboard while she tries to navigate various tools used in the industry that by 1992 standards are archaic.
  • Enjoying the buckets of random stuff dumped on her daily because she’s the organization queen
  • Obsessing over areas we can all do better in creating a better patient experience.


Lead Clinical Technician Navigator, Academic Coordinator


  • Being the person on the ground that has to deal with a fast moving, fast iterating clinical philosophy
  • Managing technician staff
  • Director of having-very-high-standards-for-how-SPARCC-functions-and-being-unwilling-to-accept-less-than-excellence
  • Being the Mayor of Tucson and personally knowing 81% of the population
  • Team lead of appeasing laughter at Andy, Dr. Jon, and Dr. Mo’s unfunny jokes to make us feel better
  • Running the clinical diagnostics and rehab services and flow
  • Organizing and managing the constant ingress and egress of our amazing students


Clinical Technician


  • Having a medical biology and biochemistry degree
  • Having a medical tacos degree
  • Being an incredible test coordinator who relates well with our patients
  • Director of Bububs (SPARCC’s team dog)
  • I know having a degree is not a responsibility. Its just an impressive degree
  • Being a versatile float person that can assist with anything
  • Coaching HS Basketball on the side


Clinical Technician Assistant

Alyssa is a senior at the University of Arizona pursuing a degree in Physiology and minoring in Psychology.


  • Running clinical tests and managing the data like a pro
  • Being a diligent worker and willing participant of all things SPARCC, despite only being part time
  • Realizing her dream of becoming a stock photo model of person-showing-someone-how-to-run-on-treadmill for newspaper article
  • Being a part time physical therapist tech with a partner PT outfit


Clinical Technician Assistant and Public Health Intern

Celina is a senior at the University of Arizona majoring in Public Health and minoring in Biochemistry. She is plans to attend graduate school for a Master of Public Health in Health Policy in the future. She is an avid runner and loves to be outdoors. Her own personal experiences with various sports injuries has sparked her passion for sports medicine.


Medical Assistant

Veronica was born and raised in Tucson. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute with honors and brings 3 years of experience as a medical assistant, Veronica plans to return to school in the near future to pursue her degree in nursing. Veronica also volunteers with Girl Scouts and is a liaison for the Family Readiness Group in the Arizona Army National Guard. On her free time she’s loves to stay active by going on hikes, attending yoga, drawing, watching movies and spending time with her husband and two kids. Veronica is excited to join the SPARCC team and is looking forward to get to know patients on their way to recovery.


PM&R Resident, Clinical Researcher

Nitin is a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation resident at THMEP. He received his Medical Doctor degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine and majored in Physiology & Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego. Nitin is planning on studying and further understanding the mechanisms of functional recovery after brain injury. He hopes to help Dr. Mo and the rest of the outstanding SPARCC team with the robust research initiative & internship programs.

Julia Howard - Clinical Researcher at SPARCC Sports Medicine


Medical Student, Clinical Researcher

Julia is a medical student at Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. She grew up in New York City playing volleyball and now runs and hikes in her free time. She majored in behavioral biology at Johns Hopkins University, taking many classes in neuroscience. Through these studies, medical school, and rotating at SPARCC, she developed an interested in concussion recovery. She hopes to help the SPARCC team reach their research goals!

Olivia - Intern at SPARCC Sports Medicine


Clinical Intern
I am currently a senior at UA majoring in Physiology with minors in Business Administration and Sports Nutrition. My love of sports started when I was only three years old and has grown ever since! In my free time you can find me watching Harry Potter movies or hiking trails around Tucson.
Jared - Intern at SPARCC Sports Medicine


Clinical Intern
I am currently studying Physiology at the U of A with the goal of going to medical school. I’ve played hockey since the age of two and have had an experience with a concussion. I have seen the impact that concussions have had on my teammates, which has inspired me to help others recover and get back to their athletic pursuits. I’m so excited to be a SPARCC intern!


Clinical Intern
I am currently a senior studying Physiology with a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona with plans to attend physical therapy school in the future. I grew up as a competitive dancer, which exposed me to the realm of sports medicine at a young age. After discovering the incredible recovery process that the body is capable of, I developed a passion for medicine and helping others. When I am not teaching dance at my studio, I enjoy the outdoors by hiking, kayaking, and even camping. I am thrilled to be part of the SPARCC team and to have the opportunity to assist patients on their pathways to recovery.


Clinical Intern
I am currently studying Physiology at the University of Arizona with plans to hopefully go to medical school in the future. My interest in sports medicine stems from my passion of sports growing up, playing basketball and running track and field. It also comes from my love for medicine and how fascinating it truly is. Whenever someone asks me what kind of physician I want to be I always say it’s between pediatrics and sports medicine and now SPARCC allows me to do a little bit of both.


Clinical Intern
I am a senior at the U of A majoring in Physiology and minoring in Nutrition. I grew up as a competitive gymnast and did track and field, so sports medicine has always been very important to me. I plan on going to PT school and becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. My personal life experiences have driven my desire to pursue a career in Sports Medicine to enable athletes of all ages to continue to follow their sports dreams. I love being an intern at SPARCC and being able to help patients in their rehabilitation process!


Clinical Intern
A former patient turned proud SPARCC intern who understands the delicate process of rehabilitation and patient success. I am very much interested in the multiple schools of thought surrounding neurology and psychology. My favorite part about the internship is seeing the raw growth of a patient over time and eventually seeing them thrive again.


Clinical Intern
I am a sophomore at the U of A majoring in Nutritional Sciences and minoring in Microbiology. I grew up playing soccer and that is where my interest in sports medicine sparked. I currently work with Arizona Athletics as an athletic training technician. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking and swimming. My goal is to one day become a physician’s assistant and specialize in orthopedics. I am excited to join SPARCC and help patients on their road to recovery.


Clinical Intern
I am a student at the University of Arizona. After graduating, I plan on attending medical school. I’ve lived an active lifestyle since I was young. As an athlete, I faced injuries of my own, so I know what it feels like to be out of the game. I am thrilled to be at SPARCC where I can help patients recover and get back to the activities they love.


Clinical Intern
I am a Junior at the U of A majoring in Physiology and minoring in Psychology. My interests in pediatrics, sports, and the human body inspired me to join the SPARCC team. I have played baseball, basketball, and tennis since I was young, and I now play intramural sports at the U of A. I have suffered multiple sports-related injuries throughout my life, so I understand the road to recovery, the work involved, and the possible frustration. I cannot wait to start interning at SPARCC, where I will have the pleasure of helping patients recover and get back to competing in their beloved sports/activities!


Clinical Intern
I’m studying Physiology and Gender & Women’s Studies at the U of A with plans of attending medical school. Growing up a competitive gymnast and cheerleader, I suffered many injuries and multiple concussions which led me to develop an interest in sports medicine and the rehabilitation process.
Prem - Intern at SPARCC Sports Medicine


Research Intern
I am majoring in Physiology and Molecular and Cellular Biology while minoring in Astronomy at the U of A. My passion for sports medicine stems from my obsession with basketball and extends to all sports, driving me to understand how to administer optimal patient care to help an athlete return to his/her original level of performance. Using my experiences as a former athlete, I look forward to connecting with the patients and aiding them in any way possible during their rehabilitation/recovery process.
Tyler - Intern with SPARCC Sports Medicine


Research Intern
I am studying Physiology at the U of A. I primarily played soccer throughout my childhood but I have a love for all sports. Currently I compete in Triathlons and work in the Athletic Training Room for U of A Football. I have hopes to attend Medical School in the future and get involved with Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.


Clinical Intern
I am majoring in biomedical engineering at the University of Arizona and plan on going to medical school. During my free time, I love going out of my comfort zone and playing basketball, hiking, grappling, and dancing!
Emily - Intern at SPARCC Sports Medicine


Research Intern
I am studying Public Health at the U of A and hope to attend medical school. I became fascinated with sports medicine when witnessing some of the different injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques my teammates underwent when we were members of the high school dance team. In my free time, I enjoy teaching dance fitness classes. I am excited to be a SPARCC intern!


Clinical Intern
I’m currently studying Physiology and Global Studies with a minor in Spanish at the U of A. I grew up playing volleyball and tennis, but I have a passion for being outdoors and you can usually find me hiking, camping, or hammocking nearby. My goal is to attend medical school to become a neonatologist and provide care to patients in developing countries. I am so excited to join SPARRC and help patients on their road to recovery.