Reimagining the Office Visit

Think Like A Patient

At SPARCC, we’re trying to create a better experience for our patients. We took everything we hated about going to the doctor and threw it out the window. Billing is streamlined. Expectations are set up front. Online scheduling (coming soon) means you can book appointments at your convenience – even in the middle of the night! Our team cares about your experience – we want every step in the process to be amazingly simple.



Dr. Mo and Andy got together and saw the need for a community-oriented Sports Medicine practice for Tucson. Having additional training and certification to treat the specific physiological and psychological needs of Tucson, Dr. Mo was well-positioned to provide a unique service for the community. As former high school and college athletes themselves (and teammates), they also saw it as a fun way to engage and relate to athletes.

Dr. Mo also spent a fellowship under the tutelage of a top concussion specialist at the University of Colorado, and has become a top researcher and specialist for comprehensive concussion management. Due largely to the current trends in awareness of the challenges, the diagnosis of, and complexity of concussion, especially in youth, SPARCC quickly became a de facto Concussion Center. Thats the CC of SPARCC!

2016 was truly the wild west for SPARCC. We ignored all conventional wisdom in waiting 6 months or a year to begin seeing patients while honing administrative detail, and instead operated like a lean start-up. We begun by operating out of multiple locations and zero insurance contracts and, quite frankly, didn’t much care if that meant we did not get paid. We are lucky to have a doctor like Dr. Mo, who provided outstanding care even in almost comical settings. Our patients who have been with us since the days of our LEAD location can attest to that.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi interviewed for Tucson Lifestyle in March 2018

One Year Later

2017 is the year we rolled out changes that truly implement the vision the founders had for SPARCC. Now a part of multiple insurance networks, we are working hard to take the complexity and frustration out of seeing the doctor. Transparent rates for self-payers, transparent information on how insurance plans pay (or doesn’t pay) for various components of our services, zero wait time for appointment, same day and same week appointments.

A Match Made in Orange County

Dr. Jon Minor has been treating adults and kids in Orange County, CA for years and has decided to leave the rush hour traffic to relocate to Tucson with his family. It took our team about 5 minutes to realize he is the perfect addition to SPARCC. He is also trained as a Sports Medicine and Pediatric Doc, and is very complementary to Dr. Mo who largely focuses on concussion care. Dr. Jon, a triathlete and musculoskeletal injury wizard, is the master at Ultrasound Guided Injections here at SPARCC.


A New Home

In February 2018, we officially made Farness Drive our home. This clinic space has given our providers the ability to serve the Tucson community at an even higher level. With all of our tools now in one place, we are truly redefining what comprehensive care looks like. SPARCC is the epicenter of concussion care in Southern Arizona as providers from the area come here to meet and discuss cutting edge care and advocate for our patients.

Welcome Leslie Streeter!

We couldn’t seem to get rid of Leslie Streeter, even months after her rotation at SPARCC, she was still coming to clinic to learn as much as she could from Dr. Mo and Dr. Jon. So in the Fall of 2018, NP Leslie joined our team for good and we couldn’t be luckier! After raising six kids, Leslie can do anything. She brings a fresh point of view to our clinic, especially to our female athletes.


Expansion and Beyond

We are always looking for ways to make SPARCC bigger and better. This fall, we will be expanding our clinic to take over the whole building here at Farness. This will allow our providers to better serve our patients with additional rooms and more space.

Patient Success Stories