Reimagining the Office Visit


When SPARCC started in 2016 we developed a list of everything we found annoying, infuriating, and / or archaic about the experience of seeing a doctor of any type.

  1. Not even knowing where to start to book an appointment. Do I start with my insurance? My primary care doctor? Just call the place I want to go?
  2. Talking with ROBOTS or call centers
  3. Not knowing at least an estimate of how much the appointment will cost
  4. Sitting in a drab and depressing waiting room for what seems like an eternity, with only 3-year-old magazines to keep you occupied
  5. Having about 7 minutes with the doctor


It’s surprisingly rare to not have to deal with any of the above. Most medical groups claim to have “The Best Care around”,  but then fail miserably at this list.

SPARCC puts the patient experience at the top of our priority; our patients will never experience any of the above. Period. We promise everything involved with your visit, from contacting and scheduling to checkout and payment will be a good experience. We rarely even miss a phone call. You can chat with us during business hours in the bottom right corner of this website. Our awesome team will guide you through confusing insurance/cost questions. Our waiting room looks more like a spa. The new Zen of medicine!

And perhaps most important, we have incredibly talented providers with no constraints on how much time they spend with their patients. This is what makes for the “best care in the area”, not just empty words or the size of the group.