At SPARCC, our providers, students, and interns are constantly working to further sports medicine and concussion care through clinical research. Our amazing team is presenting several clinical research studies and an oral case study at the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) annual meeting on April 15 & 16 in Houston, TX.

Ophthalmic Pathology in a 16 year old Hispanic Male Concussion Patient (Oral Presentation)
Harris Ahmed MPH1, Morgan Long1, Samuel Richardson1, Mohammed Mortazavi MD

Near Point of Convergence as a Clinical Predictor for Exercise Tolerance
Tyler Marx2, Mohammed Mortazavi MD, Jon Minor MD, Hirsch Handmaker MD3

Near Point Convergence and King Devick Test: Predictors of Prolonged Concussive Syndrome?
Julia Howard MHS4, Nitin Prabhakar MD5, Dan Hekmatian2, Jon Minor MD, Mohammed Mortazavi MD

Near Point Convergence Prediction of Return to School
Katelyn Paulsen2, Mohammed Mortazavi MD, Hirsch Handmaker MD3

The Relationship between Academic and Exercise Tolerance in Pediatric Concussion Cases
Manpreet Sahnan BS2, Nitin Prabhakar MD5, Jon Minor MD, Mohammed Mortazavi MD

1. Medical Student at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University
2. Clinical and Research Intern at SPARCC
3. CACTIS Foundation
4. Clinical Researcher at SPARCC and Medical Student at Midwestern University of Arizona
5. Clinical Researcher at SPARCC and Resident at THMEP

Image courtesy of AMSSM annual meeting website. https://annualmeeting.amssm .org